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Course Name: Administering Unified Contact Center Enterprise with CVP Part 2
Course Acronym: AUCCE 2
Vendor: Cisco
Category: Cisco Contact Center

Testing Your Ability to Attend Virtually

We strongly suggest that you try to access the Webex Test Meeting Page or the Zoom Test Meeting Page prior to your class.

Sunset Learning Institute (SLI) uses either Webex or Zoom conferencing systems to host virtual training classes, depending on the class and the intended audience.

You will receive a email from - on the Thursday or Friday before the class - to remind you to review your REGISTRATION INFO page - which will contain the Webex or Zoom conferencing link; meeting ID; and password for your specific class session - under the WEB CONFERENCE CONNECTIVITY section.

Don't be concerned if this section is empty if it's a week or more before your class starts - it should be filled in by the Thursday prior to your class.

Remember to monitor your REGISTRATION INFO page on a regular basis prior to the start of your class.

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Testing Your Lab Environment Access

The AUCCE 2 class uses an SLI-provided lab environment. This lab environment will require the use of the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client software and VMware Horizon client software to be installed onto the computer system (Windows or Mac) that you will use to access the lab. As a result, you'll need to have administrator-level access so that you can install this software onto the system. Links for the following are below:

The section below is divided into two subsections - one for Windows and one for Mac OS. Please be sure to use the correct subsection for your operating system. If you have multiple systems, the client software will only need to be installed on the system that you will use for accessing the lab - you do not need to install this software on any system(s) that you are using only to attend the session or to view your student materials (student guide or lab guide).

Documents and Downloads for Installing and Testing AnyConnect and Horizon

How to Install and Test AnyConnect and Horizon on Windows

Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility/VPN Client 4.10 - Windows

VMware Horizon Client 2209 - Windows (20 October 2022)

VMware Horizon Client 4.10.0 - Windows (13 December 2018)

How to Install and Test AnyConnect and Horizon on Mac OS

Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility/VPN Client 4.10 - Mac OS

VMware Horizon Client 2209 - Mac OS (20 October 2022)

VMware Horizon Client 4.10.0 - Mac OS (13 December 2018)